Yer ma

13 June
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i am wonderful so is eleanor and siobhan and bryony and steph and gareth and craig and yer ma. i love hole and getting drunk. that'll do
alcohool, amy and more burburry, any bed, anyday spent with eleanor, asylum, babysitters club, bedbedbed, being with eleanor, ben, bizarre, brians house, bryony, burberry, cardigans, caroline laird, chicken, chinese food, clar, cushions, dairylea dunkers with eleanor, dancing, david bowie, dresses, eleanor, eleanor even more, eleanor more and more, eleanors bed, fluffy shoes, free things, fridays, gareth, granton, having money, heat magazine, inner thigh, inner thighing (not-in-front-of-the-children), jack off jill., jam, jo, john hill, kid's hotchocolate, kurt cobain, lady bird shoes, meghan, miss selfridge, missy elliot, murderdolls boy, my bed, my store card, new jeans, new year, nexus, nirvana, not being hungover, not my job, number 86 bus, ooooooh now, oooooooooooooooh now!!!!, pirotin, places with beds, pound-a-drink, presents, queen adreena, ramsay gardens, saturdays, saucy-sexy-salsa-toast, seeing eleanor, siobhan, snow boots, steph, summer, sushi, suzanne in cloak room, taxi's to brians, tequila, that-funny-feeling-in-the-pit-of-ur-tummy, the meadows, the sun